Thursday, 2 August 2012

Subject for this semester

    Hey! Assalammualaikum to all.  Today’s entry I will write about my subjects in this semester. Basically for this semester, most of the subjects that I should take are base on calculation. Therefore, I need to be more focus and always doing exercise for each subject to make sure I can understand completely the chapter in those subjects. 
    My current semester is semester three Diploma in Banking. I am taking seven subjects in total. However, I just take five subjects for final exams. This is because subject for third language; mandarin and co-curriculum subject which are not including in the final exams. Ok, I am going to tell the names and course code for the subjects that I take for this semester.
    It includes mandarin (BMD 101), English for academic purpose (Bel 311), Fundamentals of Islamic economics (CTU 241), Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Fundamentals of finance (FIN 242), Introduction to statistics (QMT 181), and Thought of nation leaders II (HPD 232).

    Mandarin (BMD 101) subject is an interesting subject because it is new knowledge for me. Learn about the pronunciation and mandarin words make me love this subject. I will continue learning this subject until next semester as third language.

  Thought of nation leaders II , HPD 232 is a subject about the Malaysia’s leaders thought and contributions. I learn about current issues and think about our country’s future leader know the tips to be a good leader. This subject is learn for every Thursday at 5pm to 7 pm.
  Honestly, there are certain subjects that I really enjoy to learn such as, finance and macroeconomics.  This is because, these subjects are more to calculations and the lecturers for these subjects are really patient teaching us. This makes me easy to understand the topic in those subjects.
   The other subject like CTU 241; Fundamentals of Islamic Economics is related to economy subject but it focusing on Islamic perspective. It is very interesting subject because we can compare the differences between Islamic and conventional views about economy. 
   There is another subject that related to calculation but it quite hard for me to understand and remember the concepts which is QMT 181, but I still interested with that subject. I realize that I need to do a lot of exercises to make sure I remember the concept understand more about the subject.
  Last but not least, the Bel 311 subject. I actually love English and always interested to improve my language skill. Therefore, for this third semester I am taking English, I hope that my English skills can be improved.
  There will lots of challenges for every subjects but I hope that I can handle it and I can get excellent result in final exams for every subjects. I always remember my parents’ hope to see me success in my life. Therefore, I will try my best to get the best result for this semester.

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